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588,000 gallons of oil leak from Keystone Pipeline

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Efforts to clean a spill of 588,000 gallons of oil from the Keystone Pipeline into a creek in Washington County, USA, remain ongoing. The incident began last week and is the largest in recorded history, accumulating in more oil lost than all the crude oil pipeline spills in 2021 combined. 

The spill is the largest recorded in history and officials are now attempting to clean the mess caused by the spill which spans over 2,600 miles from Canada to the US. The dedicated workforce exceeds 250 personnel, including environmental specialists. 

The Keystone Pipeline has had numerous accidents since it went into service in 2010. In the past five years, the pipeline has experienced two large accidents in addition to the current incident, causing the performance of the pipeline to go below nationwide averages. These occurred in 2017 and 2019 and were on a scale large enough to affect people and the environment. 

Investigation into the cause of the spill is still ongoing. 

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