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Dura Vermeer to dismantle Aluchemie

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Molly Cooper

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Construction and infrastructure services group, Dura Vermeer is responsible for part of the dismantling of the Rotterdam company Aluchemie on the Oude Maasweg.

On 6 July project director at Aluchemie, Geir Arne Nilsen and directors at Dura Vermeer, Monica Melis and Henk-Jan Slager signed the construction contract for the work.

Two men and one woman sat at table, smiling and signing papers.In February 2021, the production company Aluchemie, in Rotterdam, Netherlands announced that it would stop production activities as of 1 January 2022.

Dura Vermeer is responsible for the removal of underground infrastructure and soil remediation work on the site.

Slager says: ‘By combining the expertise and experience of two Dura Vermeer operating companies, this location will remain suitable for the future as a widely applicable business location.’

‘The Aluchemie project symbolises the core values for which we as Dura Vermeer stand. Through collaboration, expertise and involvement, we give this location a sustainable future,’ adds Melis.

The work is expected to start in October 2023. The operation should be completed by mid-2025. A small team of Aluchemie employees will continue to work to manage the dismantling in collaboration with Dura Vermeer.

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