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Enagás acquires the Reganosa gas pipeline network

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Spanish energy company, Enagás and LNG storage provider, Reganosa have signed an agreement in which Enagás acquires the 130 km network of Reganosa gas pipelines for the amount of €54 million, and Reganosa buys 25% of the El Musel regasification plant in Gijón, Spain for the amount of €95 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, Enagás has acquired the entire transmission grid and consists of 130 km of gas pipelines. This network is connects with the Mugardos LNG terminal, Spain and with the Tui – Llanera gas pipeline in Guitiriz and Abegondo, Spain.

For its part, Reganosa enters with 25% in the shareholding of the El Musel Plant in Gijón, which has a storage capacity of 300,000 m3 of LNG, distributed in two tanks of 150,000 m3 each. It also has berthing and unloading facilities designed for the largest LNG carriers in the world, of up to 266,000 m3.

This agreement strengthens the two companies, allows them to take advantage of their synergies and work together on new possibilities of collaboration to strengthen security of supply and advance the decarbonisation objectives of Spain and Europe.

Arturo Gonzalo, CEO of Enagás, says: ‘This is a historic agreement that reinforces the strategy of the two companies, and strengthens the Spanish Gas System. The agreement also contributes to strengthening the potential of the El Musel plant and favours our investment plan in Galicia. We are two companies with many synergies and this operation makes us better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead, such as continuing to guarantee the energy supply of Spain and Europe and contributing to decarbonization. In this line, this alliance is also a boost to Spain’s role as Europe’s renewable hydrogen hub.’

‘Public-private collaboration and cooperation between companies are at the genesis of Reganosa, they are part of its DNA. This is another example of this, a historical one. We are proud to be able to contribute, together with Enagás, to the development of the northwest of the peninsula, to the strengthening of the Spanish energy system, to the increase in security of supply and to the achievement of the objectives of decarbonisation of the economy,’ adds the general director of Reganosa, Emilio Bruquetas.


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