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Exolum Fills 49% of Technical Positions with Women

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In 2022, 49% of the open technical positions at Exolum were filled by women. Exolum is firmly committed to the establishment of measures leading to equal opportunities and the creation of quality jobs. In relation to STEAM professions, the company is part of the STEAM Alliance for female talent. Girls standing for science’, an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to encourage STEAM vocations among girls and young women, as well as to design collaboration strategies among the public administrations, the education and business worlds and civil society organisations.

This fact helps to strengthen the relevance of female STEAM profiles in a traditionally male sector where, according to the La Caixa Social Observatory, only 16% of professionals in science, technology, engineering and maths in the country are women.

Cristina Jaraba, Exolum’s global people lead, highlights: ‘At Exolum, we are fully aware that diversity and equality are strategic pillars that generate value and help us capture and retain talent. Diversity in STEAM, as in any other area, is essential for enrichment and progress. At our company, we work hard and with enthusiasm so that this becomes a fact not only in our company but across the whole industry.’

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Exolum fosters diversity and equality among its employees and promotes mechanisms to increase the presence of women in the organisation, in a sector such as energy that has historically employed more men. For such purpose, it carries out initiatives that promote diversity and result in an increasingly diverse, safe and inclusive working environment that generates value for the company.

In this regard, inclusion is ensured at the final stages of the hiring process with a diverse and multidisciplinary panel of interviewers that brings in different points of view and sensitivities. In addition, the team has proposed that at least one member of the least represented gender should be represented the three final candidates to fill a relevant position. Exolum also participates in programmes for the development of female talent in cooperation with business schools or associations.

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The company has also created a Diversity Committee, the purpose of which is to foster internal and external awareness in this area by collaborating with organisations that share similar aspirations and objectives. Moreover, the Diversity Committee has established monitoring indicators and oversees the company’s performance in this area.

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