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Flexible LED Lights in Bulk Storage

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Clear Lighting is a neon flex and strip light manufacturer in the high-end commercial market. As storage terminals look to improve operational and energy efficiency on the way towards zero emissions, choosing the right kind of lighting can have a huge impact.

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are a necessity for hazardous locations. As technology develops, the pattern of explosion-proof lighting fixtures has transitioned from traditional halogen, HPSL to LED lighting, with outstanding efficiency. The good sustainability levels of LEDs allows a company to more easily meet annual energy audits, and achieve goals of operating zero-emissions facilities.


In 2011, Clear Lighting approached the mining market together with a partner in South Africa, and developed a customised strip light which can run a maximum of 200 m, ideal for continuous illumination in underground mines. It was a revolutionary robust and reliable lighting solution, which now serves mines all around the world.

In 2019, Clear Lighting made another breakthrough. It became the world’s first ATEX, IECEx, ETL certified flexible strip light, applicable for a mining application and industrial lighting area. Unlike traditional explosion-proof lights with a thick, sturdy protective shell, this explosion-proof strip light is made of silicone extrusion, characterised by its softness and flexibility.


German shipyard Lürssen has announced its first zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell-powered superyacht to be launched in 2025. The idea is to convert methanol into hydrogen, which is then used in fuel cells to generate electricity. And Clear’s explosion-proof strip light has been proposed as the lighting solution for this hazardous location, to exist as safeguard.

A global consensus is emerging regarding the key role of hydrogen in the energy transition. With functioning prototypes of hydrogen cars and aircraft, companies are continuously making breakthroughs with hydrogen developments. On one hand, hydrogen is clean energy. On the other, hydrogen has a relatively low ignition point – it is a very flammable gas and can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Therefore, there needs to be a higher level of protection. This is not just physical armour, but also the protection on the whole system. This is where Clear Lighting comes in: for storage terminals, it’s highly regulated infrastructure that handles hazardous products with complex processes.


Terminal operators want smart lighting ideas, looking to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and cut the overall cost of ownership. In the market today, there are different kinds of explosion-proof fixtures and they play a very important role in the applications to maximise both safety and productivity. Oil and gas sites are notorious for harsh conditions that can contribute to premature fixture failure, including noisy, complicated machinery, high-heat and high-vibration conditions, chemical vapours, dust, and debris, physical hazards, arc flash and flammable environments.

This is where Clear Lighting’s Ex flexible strip comes in. The product features a softness and adaptability to change shape according to the surface it is being applied to. It’s flexible and can run up to 30 m, powered from a single end. It is easy to install, requires little maintenance and has a pulsating effect with red, green and amber effects for emergency use. In fact, its lightweight and smart mounting options mean that Ex flexble strip lighting can be applied in many hard-to-install areas, such as terminal loading/offloading jetty, stairs, ladders, load racks, docks, catwalks, pump room, water treatment system and emergency escape routes.

Ex flexible strip has a huge range of applications, including: complementary illumination in a low roof or ceiling; areas with limited installation space; applications where continuous lighting is needed; guidance of contour lighting for evacuation and; for security applications such as fencing to prevent unauthorised access. It can be used as portable lighting as well for temporary night activities.


Marc Stekelenburg, sales manager at Unlimited, a Clear Lighting brand agent in the Netherlands, will be speaking at StocExpo on 14-16 March in Rotterdam. Register now to access the StocExpo Conference!

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