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Greenergy and Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies develop green hydrogen supply chain

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Greenergy and Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies have agreed to pursue a joint pre-feasibility study on the development of a commercial-scale hydrogen supply chain with the aim of shipping low-cost green hydrogen from Canada to the UK.

On arrival and discharge at the import location, the hydrogen will then be released from the liquid carrier for delivery as pure green hydrogen to end users.

Greenergy’s distribution network and strong customer base will also enable delivery to a broad range of industrial and commercial customers within the UK.

Christian Flach, Chief Executive Officer of Greenergy, says: ‘Working with Hydrogenious is an important step in our strategy to offer cost-effective hydrogen to our customers using existing storage and delivery infrastructure. Delivering hydrogen is an important goal in supporting the energy transition.’

Dr Toralf Pohl, Chief Commercial Officer at Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, says: ‘North America will soon be a key market for large-scale clean hydrogen exports to Europe. The UK is committed to hydrogen consumption, and together with Greenergy, we will now be exploring the possibility of establishing a LOHC-based hydrogen supply chain, including constructing storage and release plant assets in Canada and the UK capable of handling more than 100 tonnes of hydrogen per day, while leveraging the existing infrastructure for liquid fuels in ports with our LOHC technology.’

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