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JAXPORT partners with Eagle LNG

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The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) has facilitated the move of specialty liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks through the port’s Blount Island Marine Terminal, Florida, USA.  Owned by LNG supplier Eagle LNG, half of the tanks will be used to temporarily increase storage at its Jacksonville LNG bunker facility near the Talleyrand Marine Terminal, Florida, USA and the other half will be used for exporting LNG to the Caribbean and elsewhere.

Eagle LNG director of operations, Tim Robertson says: ‘Eagle LNG is proud to be working closely with JAXPORT to increase LNG bunkering capacity at JAXPORT while also working to introduce new lower greenhouse gas emission solutions such as bio-LNG into the fuelling mix. The addition of these new ISO containers enables Eagle LNG to continue to deliver on its promise of replacing dirty petroleum fuels for power generation in the Caribbean, including in Aruba, while supporting new container delivery routes from JAXPORT to points in the Caribbean and Europe.’

‘Jacksonville is a global leader in the use and development of LNG due to the strength of our port partners. We are pleased to have an efficient transportation network that can grow our capabilities and further the use of LNG as a clean marine fuel,’ adds JAXPORT director of specialty cargoes, Rick Schiappacasse.

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