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Linde and SLB collaborate for CCS

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Multinational chemical company, Linde, and global technology company, SLB, are collaborating on carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration (CCUS) projects to accelerate decarbonisation solutions across the industrial and energy sectors.
The collaboration will combine both companies’ long-term experience in CCUS; innovative technology; project development and; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities.
Linde and SLB will focus on hydrogen and ammonia production, where CO2 is a by-product, and in natural gas processing. CCUS decreases the emissions from these energy-intensive processes, creating new low-carbon energy sources and products.
‘CCUS is vital in creating the decarbonised energy systems our planet needs to balance energy demand with climate objectives,’ says Olivier Le Peuch, CEO of SLB. ‘We are excited about this collaboration with Linde to develop CCUS projects and support the growth of low-carbon energy products from conventional energy sources.’
‘Carbon capture and storage will be a key lever for tackling global warming,’ adds Sanjiv Lamba, CEO of Linde. ‘We are committed to helping customers decarbonise their operations in a cost-effective way. With SLB, we are able to offer technology-driven solutions – from execution of complex EPC projects through to ensuring reliable and safe long-term storage.’

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