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Milestone for green hydrogen hub in Inverness

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Getech has announced the completion of its first step in developing the Inverness green hydrogen hub in Scotland, UK. Working with SGN Commercial Services, the deconstruction of Inverness’s former natural gas holder has been successfully completed, paving the way to convert the legacy facility into a future green hydrogen storage and distribution facility. 

In revitalising the site, it maintains its significance to energy storage and distribution in a net zero future. It is hoped that the asset will kickstart the decarbonisation of rail across the Scottish Highlands by providing a facility specifically designed to serve hydrogen train fleets. 

Dr Jonathan Copus, CEO of Getech, says: ‘The completion of demolition of the SGN gas holder site demonstrates tangible progress in our hydrogen operations in Inverness and forms part of a range of broader strategic initiatives being undertaken by Getech to achieve the production, storage and supply of green hydrogen – supporting our ambition to establish at least 500MW of new geoenergy and green hydrogen assets by 2030. Hydrogen has a critical role to play in the clean energy transition and we continue work closely with stakeholders, including The Highland Council, to establish a network of green hydrogen hubs across the Scottish Highlands.’ 

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