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Orlen announces expansion to bolster Poland’s energy security

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Multinational oil refiner and petrol retailer, the Orlen group has announced that over the next few months it will be preparing to launch production from new fields in an effort to boost Polands energy security.

City landscape from aboveThe group together with its partners, is set to start production from the Tommeliten Alpha field, which will yield an additional 0.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. This is one of nine investment projects undertaken in the past two years to enhance the Orlen group’s gas production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Daniel Obajtek, CEO and president of the Orlen management board says: ‘By the end of 2030, gas production from our own fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf will nearly double, reaching 6 billion cubic metres of gas per year. We are planning to start production from the Tommeliten Alpha field within a few months. In terms of gas reserves, it ranks as our second-largest gas field in Norway, expected to yield half a billion cubic meters of gas annually. Simultaneously, we are developing other fields, which will contribute to ensuring a stable supply of natural gas for Polish industry and households.’

Tommeliten Alpha stands as one of the largest investment projects currently in progress on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

In addition to Tommeliten Alpha, the Orlen Group is actively advancing numerous projects aimed at bringing additional fields online.

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