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Permission granted for new UK LPG pipeline 

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Flogas Britain, one of the UK’s leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) suppliers, has been granted planning permission to construct a gas pipeline from Bristol Port into the UK’s largest aboveground LPG storage terminal, at Avonmouth.  

The storage facility, which was formerly owned by National Grid, was previously only able to store LNG. However, Flogas is converting it into an LPG and green gas storage facility, with the capacity to store 34,564 tonnes. As well as boosting the local economy, the facility is set to generate a plethora of local employment opportunities, including 50-100 construction jobs, as well as roles at Bristol Port and the Avonmouth facility.  

Completion of the facility is provisionally set for 2025, where the pipeline will link the UK to an unparalleled supply of off-grid gas, providing a secure and future-proof supply for off-grid homes and businesses across the UK. The facility will also play a crucial role in establishing a lower carbon future and meeting the government’s legally binding net zero emissions target.  

LPG is currently the cleanest, most efficient conventional off-grid fuel available. Those switching from oil to LPG benefit from significant carbon savings and improved air quality as the latter emits fewer pollutants.  

The Avonmouth facility will also have the capability to import bio-LPG – a fully renewable green gas alternative. It will also provide access to emerging renewable fuels that are not currently manufactured or available in the UK, further futureproofing the UK’s fuel supply.  

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