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Port Bonython hydrogen hub to boost Australia’s hydrogen industry

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Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

The Albanese and Malinauskas Governments have finalised a grant agreement to develop the Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub near Whyalla, Austalia.

The development will create regional jobs and bring Australia another step closer to becoming a renewable energy superpower.

Together, both governments are investing $100 million (€61 million) to develop infrastructure at Port Bonython and prepare it to become South Australia’s first large-scale export terminal for hydrogen.

Along with private sector funding, the redeveloped Port Bonython is expected to host projects worth up to $13 billion (€7.9 billion) and projected to generate as much as 1.8 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2030.

The Prime Minister from Albanese says: ‘We’re working with the Malinauskas Government to develop the Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub, which will support regional jobs and take us a step closer to becoming a renewable energy superpower.’

‘We’re working closely with industry to maximise this opportunity to grow a new industry, which has potential to create thousands of jobs and improve the standard of living for South Australians for generations to come,’ adds Premier Peter Malinauskas.

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