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Prax launches £300 million carbon capture project

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Oil refining, storage, distribution and sales conglomerate, Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery has announced plans to build a £300 million (€335 million) carbon capture plant, as the Prax Group undertakes a huge investment at the site, as it moves towards decarbonising operations and transitioning to a low carbon future.

The Prax Lindsey Carbon Capture Project (PLCCP) will capture more than 85% of the CO2 produced on site, with more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 to be captured every year starting from 2028. Emissions produced on site will be captured via an amine solvent, a well understood and proven technology used in natural gas processing and gas sweetening, with CO2 then transported and stored in depleted gas fields in the North Sea via the East Coast Cluster pipeline.

The project launch coincided with a Humber 2030 Vision Roundtable, led by the Confederation of British Industry. Regional and national stakeholders attended the event, alongside other emitters in the Humber Cluster to mark the project launch and to discuss the collective opportunities and challenges faced by the Humber cluster.

Luc Smets, general manager at Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, says: ‘The Prax Lindsey carbon capture project is one of the single largest investments that the refinery has seen in years, it is also one of the most significant as we transition to a low carbon refinery. We have some challenging targets as a region and a country to meet in the years ahead, we understand our role in meeting these and we will be working with our partners in the Humber cluster to ensure we have our carbon emissions entering the regional pipelines.’

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