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Provaris Energy signs MoU with Norwegian Hydrogen 

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Norwegian Hydrogen, a Norwegian-based developer of hydrogen production hubs and value chains across the Nordic region, will collaborate with Provaris Energy on the development of green hydrogen value chain projects in the Nordics.  

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aiming to to accelerate the development of a hydrogen value chain covering large-scale production and export of hydrogen to the key ports of Europe.  

The MoU provides a framework to jointly undertake a study for the concept design of a facility and identify sites to select a preferred location suitable for domestic and export volumes of hydrogen. The companies will also undertake a technical and economic review for the production and supply of compressed gaseous green hydrogen to nominated European ports.  

The scope of the study will include the renewable power supply, production of hydrogen, compression facilities, storage, infrastructure for jetty loading and unloading, Provaris’ H2Neo carrier, and import infrastructure required at identified import locations. 

Martin Carolan, Provaris’ managing director and CEO, says: ‘Provaris is delighted to collaborate with Norwegian Hydrogen to accelerate our development ambitions of an integrated export hydrogen project from the Nordic region that will benefit from the simplicity and efficiency of compressed hydrogen as a marine carrier.’ 

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