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Stolthaven Terminals Brazil nitrogen-generation plant success

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Stolthaven Terminals Brazil has successfully operated a nitrogen-generation plant. The plant was established in partnership with, and will be operated by, White Martins, a representative of Linde, the world’s largest industrial gases and engineering company.

Stolthaven Terminals Brazil will manage its own supply of nitrogen for its operations, ensuring continued service reliability and efficiency for its customers. Before the plant started operating in July 2022, Stolthaven Terminals Brazil acquired its nitrogen through external suppliers.

The terminal will use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, which can generate enough of its own supply, to cover most of its 150,000m3 total tank capacity. The plant is also highly automated with remote monitoring, to ensure continuity of supply, reliability and safety, even during maintenance.

Marcelo Schmitt, general manager of Stolthaven Terminals Brazil, says: ‘We are happy to be able to implement the first-ever plant using PSA technology at a Stolthaven port terminal and also the first in Brazil.’

Mário Simon, Executive Director of BRIG business, says: ‘The partnership with Stolthaven Terminals was fundamental to developing a pioneering application of an onsite unit in Brazil, that is built within the customer’s own production area, in a maritime terminal, which directly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.’

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