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Technip Energies Invests in United Airlines’ Sustainable Flight Fund

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Technip Energies has announced a strategic investment in the United Airlines Ventures Sustainable Flight Fund. This innovative fund is strategically designed to leverage cross-industry support, providing start-ups working on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) research, production and technology, with both financial and strategic capital.

This investment positions Technip Energies as the first strategic partner with engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities in this fund, comprised of more than 20 corporate partners that make up all parts of the aviation supply chain – airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers, fuel producers, financiers, travel management and more.

Arnaud Pieton, CEO of Technip Energies, says: ‘By joining the United’s Sustainable Flight Fund, Technip Energies reaffirms its commitment to addressing one of the industry’s critical challenges: the current lack of industrial-scale solutions to meet the market demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). By bringing our engineering expertise, technology scale-up capabilities and global project delivery know-how, we join the journey of accelerating the supply to meet the increasing demand for SAF, aligning with the net-zero trajectory.’

The fund represents a significant collaborative effort, drawing expertise from various sectors of the aviation industry, to propel forward the advancement of sustainable fuel solutions. Through this collective approach, the Fund aims to catalyse the transition to a more sustainable aviation sector.

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