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Uniper to decommission coal-fired power plant

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Uniper will permanently decommission the Heyden 4 hard coal-fired power plant in Petershagen near Minden, Germany on September 30, 2024.

Uniper already made the decision to decommission the plant at the end of 2020. After the responsible grid operator TenneT did not notify the Federal Network Agency by the end of August 2023 of an extension of the existing determination of system relevance beyond September 2024, the decommissioning is now final.

Coal pile, with coal coming from a machineHolger Kreetz, COO Uniper SE says: ‘The now final decommissioning in autumn 2024 is a consistent step both for the Federal Republic of Germany’s exit from coal-fired power generation and in the context of the transformation of Uniper’s portfolio. Uniper will phase out coal-fired power generation by 2029 – eight years earlier than previously planned. By 2030, we aim to have a European power generation portfolio totaling 15-20 GW.’

The Heyden 4 power plant had already ceased commercial operation after being awarded a contract in the first tender to reduce coal-fired power generation on December 28, 2020.

The power plant has a net capacity of 875 MW and currently employs 95 people with related training. Uniper is developing a master plan for the site, in close consultation with the town of Petershagen, in order to continue creating jobs in the future.

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