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VH GSEO’s breakthrough on net-zero project

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Investment firm VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities (VH GSECO) has had a breakthrough on a first –of-its-kind net-zero flexible power generation project.

The project, based in Workshop, Nottinghamshire, UK, will support the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions from power generation without relying on any public subsidy or government support.

The funding for the construction of two combined heat and power plants which bring together high-efficiency, gas-fired engines technology with a carbon capture and re-use system, was initially announced in September 2021.The first plant is expected to become operational in Q2 of 2023. The plant will benefit from the involvement and expertise of some of the world’s leading industrial technology companies.

Richard Lum, co-CIO of Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP, investment adviser to GSEO, says: ‘Breaking ground on this exciting new project is a key milestone in the development of carbon capture and reuse projects in the UK. We’re delighted to combine two technologies that will provide an efficient, reliable and secure form of energy at net-zero.’

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