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Vopak reports full year results for 2023

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Molly Cooper

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Royal Vopak has announced its full year results for 2023, via a video with CEO of Royal Vopak, Dick Richelle.

Key highlights include:

  • EBITDA in FY2023 increased to EUR 964 million, proportional EBITDA to EUR 1,154 million and operating cash return to 14%
  • Reduced its CO2 footprint by 25% compared to our baseline of 2021 and further improved its safety performance
  • Actively managed its portfolio with strategic divestments completed and €523 million proceeds received
  • EPS increased by 40% to EUR 3.29, dividend of EUR 1.50 per share announced, a 15% increase compared to 2022 and up to EUR 300 million to be returned to shareholders via a share buyback program
  • Expanded its open access LNG capacity in the Netherlands to support energy security
  • Strengthened its leading position in India
  • Solidified its leading industrial terminal position with investments in Singapore, China and the United States Accelerate
  • Commissioned repurposed infrastructure in the United States and Singapore for low-carbon transportation fuels
  • Expanded capacity in the Netherlands and Brazil for feedstock for low-carbon transportation fuels
  • Entered into the electricity storage sector in the United States, expected to be operational in the course of 2024

Watch the full video or read the extended press release here.

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