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World’s largest green hydrogen plant starts construction 

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The world’s biggest project using solar and wind power to produce hydrogen has started construction in Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, China. 

It is being built by Sinopec Star Co, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Petrochemical Corp, or Sinopec. 

The project is Sinopec’s first green hydrogen demonstration project in Inner Mongolia. 

The project consists mainly of five areas: wind and solar power generation, power transmissions and transformations, hydrogen production by electrolysis of water, hydrogen storage and hydrogen transmissions. 

The installed design capacity for wind and solar power generation will be 450 megawatts and 270 megawatts, respectively. The hydrogen storage capacity will be 288,000 m3. 

The hydrogen and oxygen produced will be transported by pipelines to the nearby Ordos coal deep processing demonstration project charged by ZTHC Energy Co, to replace part of the coal-to-hydrogen production. 

The company plans to invest 30 billion yuan (€4 billion) in hydrogen-related businesses, including hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen storage facility construction. 

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