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Event Review: NISTM’s 26th annual conference and trade show

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Anamika Talwaria

Editor & Head of Content for Tank Storage Magazine & StocExpo and Chair of Women in Tanks.

NISTM’S 26th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference and Tradeshow is a firm fixture in Tank Storage Magazine’s calendar – not least because it means our team can get away from gloomy April weather in the UK to sunny Florida for a few days.

Orlando city skyline at night timeWith plenty of networking opportunities (think golfing, breakfasts, drinks and dinners), it’s a great chance for our team to get in front of the USA audience, and for terminal operators to meet with suppliers with new innovations every year.

Plus, Tank Storage Magazine ran a mini football (soccer) tournament from our stand – unfortunately no one got more than 10 points (so it was a tie-breaker across all the winners) so my advice is for everyone to practice scoring goals in time for next year. After all, points mean prizes!

Updates In The Conference

This year’s conference displayed a significant shift towards greener fuels and the energy transition. As more tank terminals turn towards storing future fuels, such as biofuels and hydrogen derivatives, Charlie Doud from the Orlando Utilities Commission delivered a presentation on the advantages and drawbacks of green energy in relation to tank storage.

In line with this, Perceptive Sensor Technologies’ Jim Paladino discussed the storage and delivery of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and their integration into the midstream. A hot topic for many terminal operators, especially those operating at airport terminals, SAF is touted as a key product for the energy transition, enabling greener air travel.

Another key update was changing regulations and standards. Behdad Yazdani from Trinity Consultants explained potential new revisions to the EPA’s standards applicable to storage tanks holding volatile organic liquids.

Join the speaker line-up this December

Plus, the EPA’s FRP lead, Troy Swackhammer, joined by Rebecca Broussard, revealed the agency’s latest CWA (Clean Water Act) FRP rule. The key ruling is that facilities need to develop facility response plans for a worst-case discharge of Clean Water Act (CWA) hazardous substances, or threat of such a discharge. A worst-case discharge is the largest foreseeable discharge in adverse weather conditions, including extreme weather conditions due to climate change. Key takeaways from the course included creating comprehensive guidelines ensuring compliance and environmental stewardship and enhanced protection measures for water resources against hazardous substance spills – including integrating more innovative technologies.

And aside from green products, digitalisation is a key topic in the storage terminal and wider energy infrastructure sectors. Experts from Digineox Consulting were joined by Michael Dragos at Odfjell Terminal – an industry leader when it comes to the digital revolution. The panel discussed challenges for multi- modal terminals to digitalise, with Odfjell’s US terminals used as shining examples of how to do it well.

Save The Date For Next Year

All-in-all, the NISTM trade show and conference was another huge hit, with thoughtful conference sessions, informative courses, and fantastic weather for all that networking. Tank Storage Magazine is always proud to support events that work to promote better safety, efficiency and sustainability in the industry, and we look forward to the next upcoming NISTM event.

Save the date for next year’s Florida event: 23-25 April 2025 and register now for the NISTM Woodlands trade show and conference on 10-12 December 2024.

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