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TIW Steel Platework’s general manager, Daniel Wigmore, speaks to Tank Storage Magazine about the company’s long industry experience and projects.

TIW Steel Platework was founded in 1907 under the name Toronto Iron Works. Its history is tied with the pioneering of Canada’s petroleum industry. The company was originally founded along Toronto’s waterfront by Albert Leroy Ellsworth, who also owned British American Oil Company at the time. Originally, its sole purposes was to supply British American with oil tanks and other process equipment for its refineries. ‘This changed in 1983 when TIW was purchased by Canadian Erectors who took the company from a small regional supplier to having a national presence,’ says Daniel Wigmore, general manager, at TIW Steel Platework .A metal structure with a shadow on the ground

Today, TIW Steel Platework specializes in carbon and stainless steel tanks and API tanks as well as boilers, pressure vessels and shutdown work. ‘But, our bread and butter is the very large tanks on that scale that nobody else is capable of doing,’ says Wigmore.

The company’s specialty is large steel plate projects including API 650, 620 storage tanks and API 653 tank repairs for existing facilities. TIW Steel Platework holds many certifications including; ASME: A, S, U, U2 and PP certificates; National Board NB and R stamps; CWB W47.1-Division 2, registered with TSSA in Ontario, ABSA in Alberta and TSASK in Saskatchewan.

Safety at TIW Steel Platework 

‘Safety isn’t just a priority. It’s the number one priority for us. If something’s not done right, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do anything that puts someone at risk of being injured or anything else,’ says Wigmore. Safety is the company’s first and most important core value, and it is built into everything it does. TIW has a dedicated HSE manager with 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Its site safety advisors are CSO-certified and have an in-depth knowledge in tank and vessel construction and repair.

TIW has strict procedures in place to ensure the safest working environment possible. Wigmore explains: ‘We start at the top and work our way down. We will not mobilize to site until we’ve done a full JSA (job safety analysis) and walkthrough of the site. Then when we get to the field we have daily toolbox talks, weekly safety meetings, and monthly safety meetings.’ At TIW, every worker has the right to stop work and to question it if they believe it’s not safe, and that attitude is encouraged in the field and in the office.

TIW Steel Platework’s planning & projects 

For each project, there is a team of office staff to support the customer and field staff throughout the entire process. This team can quickly pivot and adapt different processes for different clients.

From the receipt of an RFQ to the winning and implementation of a contract, the global landscape and technological advances all have led to a business environment that is both unpredictable
and demanding.

One customer approached TIW with a project for 19 large-diameter, open top floating roof tanks. They ranged in size from 192 ft to 250 ft diameter with steel pontoon floating decks. The project
took 20 months from start to finish. ‘We worked with them through the process, from the engineering and the drafting, to the full manufacturing and field erection of all 19 tanks,’ says Wigmore.

Another project in South Edmonton saw TIW complete five 273 ft-diameter open top floating roof tanks with steel pontoon decks. Wigmore says: ‘In the winter months after completion, we hydro-tested the tank. We had to heat and circulate the lines in order to make sure that there was no freezing due to the -45 °C (-49°F) weather.’

TIW has a dedicated team for turnaround planning, and an expert project management team with experience in tank builds, tank repairs, and boiler work. ‘One of our biggest achievements was
building the largest stainless steel tank in North America. It was 150 ft diameter by 39 ft high,’ boast Wigmore.

TIW Steel Platework has completed all sorts of projects; from ethanol fermenters, spheres, low temperature hydrogenous and hydrogenous ammonia storage tanks, as well as many different alloy tanks. ‘I took part in a job for a 137 ft-wide by 70 ft-high, low temperature anhydrous ammonia storage tank, It was a double wall, dome roof storage tank,’ explains Wigmore.

TIW Steel Platework’s commitment to quality 

‘TIW has an extensive network of suppliers which allow us to maintain delivery times and we have a 20 year strong relationship with a North American steel mill which allows us to obtain material quicker than our competitors,’ explains Wigmore.

Another reason TIW can execute large scale projects like this is due to its employees the experience and longevity in the industry. ‘Janet Coles our  purchasing manager has been here for 34 years. I will often say to her or other long tenure employees “how do we do this?” Or “how has this been done in the past? How will we overcome this problem?”,’ explains Wigmore. Having those people
in house that have experience solving problems means the company can solve complex problems and move forward and get to where it wants to be.

‘Regardless of whether a project is a new build or maintenance work, managing it from start to finish requires a lot of team work and commitment from both the field staff and the office staff. TIW is prepared and ready to take on your next project, no matter how big. Our projects are delivered on time, on budget, safely with no defects,’ says Wigmore.

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