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Isoil: Automated Loading For Better Speed & Safety

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Anamika Talwaria

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Discover how Isoil’s latest innovation is improving operational efficiency at the terminal


Launching at StocExpo 2024 on 12 & 13 March at the Rotterdam Ahoy, Isoil’s VEGA T2 is the ultimate solution for automated terminal loading and unloading. Whether used within oil depots or transfer lines, the device is compatible with almost any type of flow meter.


Enhanced Connectivity

VEGA T2 is compatible with a range of communication lines, including serial lines, Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi. This allows the device to communicate directly with the control room, share delivery information and receive the instructions to operate from a SCADA or TAS. The device is connected to Isoil EM6422 via protected CanBus protocol in order to improve the safety of data transmission, immunity against tampering and to enhance self-diagnosis functions.


Operational Efficiency

VEGA T2 takes care of the loading procedure, controlling the preset valve and monitoring the signals coming from the devices around it, ensuring safe operations. The device offers up to eight user accounts and a Weight and Measure switch seal to prevent unauthorised access. It also offers continuous self- diagnosis for easy maintenance. Transaction data is automatically stored in binary and CSV formats on FIFO mass memories. VEGA T2 also integrates an FTP server that allows read-only access to transactions files via FTP clients. 100,000 deliveries are saved and stored in a structure with MID criteria and data can also be downloaded via serial line or directly consulted on the display. VEGA T2 can also generate a printing report directly, with legally relevant functions, and store the data related to the transactions into its memory.

Measuring Product

VEGA T2 is a calculator-indicating device to be used in measuring systems for liquids other than water (MI-005 – Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/UE) approved by the notified body LNE (France) and with the Evaluation Certificate n. 38495, according WELMEC guides 8.8 and 7.2 and according OIML R117-7 (International Organisation of Legal Metrology). VEGA T2 can provide a relevant and accurate measure of the quantity of product delivered by analysing its optional temperature, pressure and density sensors.

To do this, it uses dual pulse counting through continuous monitoring of pulses, according to OIML R117, ISO 6551 level B, and to API chapter 5.5 level B. The density is calculated during product delivery and temperature via PT100 thermoresistance or from a temperature probe via ModBus RTU serial line. A dedicated alarm will be activated when the product density is out of the expected range and this data will be available on the display and stored within the transaction information. The device also has the ability to compensate for temperature and pressure variations from reference conditions (base temperate typically at 15°C-20°C or 60°F and base or equilibrium pressure). Each meter can be calibrated individually to ensure it meets the needs of the product being loaded or unloaded.

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