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Voliro teams up with MFE Inspection Solutions

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Anamika Talwaria

Anamika Talwaria

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Vorio T drone in flight

MFE Inspection Solutions, a leading provider of advanced inspection technology, has announced a new partnership with Voliro. The advanced Voliro T drone combines omnidirectional capabilities with the ability to exert significant force and torque to structures, opening up new dimensions of manoeuvrability in any orientation, height, or location.

The Voliro T drone stands out for its reliability and stability, even in the most challenging environments. It uses thrust-vectoring and 6DoF control to achieve this.

Equipped with semi-autonomous flight modes and sophisticated pilot assistance, the Voliro T ensures safe and effortless navigation even in environments where GPS is unavailable, making it ideal for close proximity structural inspections.

With its modular payload system, the Voliro T is equipped with multiple integrated sensors for diverse inspection needs and is open for custom third-party payloads.

MFE sUAS product line manager, Cody Menchaca, shares his enthusiasm about the partnership: ‘Teaming up with Voliro marks a significant milestone for MFE and our customers. The Voliro T drone is truly an exceptional addition to our arsenal of external inspection equipment. This collaboration reaffirms our unyielding commitment to drive innovation and equip our customers with the most advanced technology in the inspection industry.’

Florian Gutzwiller, CEO at Voliro, adds: ‘Due to the unprecedented appetite for innovation, the US market is critical for scaling our business. With their extensive knowhow and customer network in the inspection space, MFE is the ideal partner for us to efficiently expand our customer base in North America.’

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