Tank Storage Magazine is the bulk liquid industry’s only ABC-audited publication, so you know you’re reaching the right audience.

The Audit Process.

Every month, companies such as yourselves commit a certain amount of advertising spend to Tank Storage Magazine with the hope of raising your company’s profile, attracting new customers, and educating tank storage professionals about your company’s industry expertise. Every year the Tank Storage team invests a significant amount of time and money into an independent audit.
ABC is a leading industry-owned auditor for media products and services. As part of the audit process, ABC:
  • Counts how many people receive every issue of Tank Storage Magazine to prove circulation figures
  • Examines every single delivery order to prove our conference and event distribution
  • Contacts a cross-section of readers to check they are relevant, i.e. terminal operators / traders / EPC providers
  • Checks the age of the data to ensure everyone receiving the magazine has been verified within the past 3 years

So you know we’re delivering the right audience for your advertising campaign.

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