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ROSEN Wins EcoPetrol Award

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ROSEN was awarded first place in the Innovation and Technology category of the Iconic Supplier with Inclusive and Sustainable Energy, which is presented by ECOPETROL.

ECOPETROL, the leading and largest oil company in Colombia, presents this award to acknowledge suppliers who demonstrate commitment to sustainable development through the design of innovative products or services and exemplary practices in environmental protection.

Left to right: Juan Diego Mejía (ESENTTIA President), Pilar Marulanda (Human Talent VP CENIT), Rafael Ernesto Guzmán (Executive VP ECOPETROL), Guillermo García Realpe (Board Presidente ECOPETROL), John Jordan Valderrama (Head of Business Line ROSEN North South America), Ricardo Roa (ECOPETROL President)

‘Thank you very much for this honour. For us, technology is the driving force of progress. Progress that ensures a more sustainable future for our customers, their assets and for society. Being a critical mission partner for the ECOPETROL Group, enabling them to make the best decisions for the safety, lifetime and performance of their critical industrial assets is our reason for existence,’ says Leonardo Mendoza, business execution director for Northern South America.

The ROSEN Group is a leader of state-of-the-art integrity management solutions. Innovation, know-how and a strict focus on customer needs are the key factors in ROSEN’s unique success story. ROSEN’s recognition as an Iconic Supplier shows the company’s dedication to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. By continuously developing advanced solutions like RoGeo Pipedrift, ROSEN not only enhances the safety and efficiency of pipeline operations but also contributes to the broader goal of environmental protection and sustainable development.

ROSEN’s Iconic Products

The award-winning RoGeo PD (Pipe Drift) solution allows for regular, cost-effective routine inspections of a pipeline that is prone to geohazards, and minimizes the impact on pipeline operations.

The corresponding in-line pipeline inspection tool has a robust chassis that incorporates an inertial measurement unit (IMU). It can move at high speeds and quickly detect pipeline movement, minimising the operational impact of such an inspection.

The multiple instruments collect both linear and rotational inertial and record time data, which can be analysed to provide bending strain information.

  • Regularly identify and locate pipeline movement with minimal operational impact
  • Understand resulting pipeline strain and stress profiles
  • Act quickly to take remedial action and prevent performance loss

RoGeo PD can determine if the pipeline has moved after geohazard events:

Rapid deployment capability to inspect pipeline integrity after major geohazards, such as seismic events and extreme weather, and respond rapidly to prevent or fix pipeline containment loss

Understand the impact of pipeline movement on the stress profile to determine if bending strains will cause buckles and resulting performance loss

Simplified tool sensor profile allows high frequency of inspections in areas where geohazard risk is high, with no above-ground markers required

‘The proactive approach in mitigating geohazards has set a new standard in the industry; it shows the operator’s commitment to pipeline safety and operational excellence. We feel very proud of the dedication and expertise of the team that has not only brought this innovative solution to life but also marked the beginning of a new era in geohazard management,’ says John Jordan Valderrama, head of business line Northern South America.

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