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Äager manufactures tanks and vessels for Midia Gas project

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German industrial manufacturer Äager, through its brand Ergil, has built four sire-erected tanks, eight pressure vessels and a lube oil vessel for the Midia Gas Development project in Romania.

Äager’s role included building domestic equipment such as ladders and platforms for the tanks for the Midia gas treatment plant, which treats gas extracted from the Ana and Doina discoveries in the Romanian Black Sea, to convert it into a useable product. Ergil built the project’s firewater tank, rich MEG storage tank, lean MEG storage tank and diesel storage tank. The eight pressure vessels it built are the compressor suction scrubber, compressor discharge scrubber, LP vent KO drum, HP vent KO drum, closed drain drum, rich MEG flash drum, instrument air receiver and inert gas receiver.

‘In these kinds of huge projects, coordination and collaboration of sharers are extremely critical and we smoothly succeeded to complete a critical part of the project. Pressure vessels and the storage tanks we supplied are used to store the gas safely before and after processing, and any kind of engineering errors might cause serious situations. In this manner, Ergil gained the trust of the customer and showed an example of our high level engineering skills,’ says Äager.

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