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Advario joins hydrogen council

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Meenal Datar

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Liquid storage logistics company, Advario, has announced it is one of the newest members of the Hydrogen Council.

The CEO-led organisation has a shared vision for hydrogen to rapidly advance the global clean energy transition for a more sustainable and resilient energy future. The move reflects Advario’s commitment to enable, support and expedite the energy transition.

Bas Verkooijen, CEO at Advario says: ‘We are very pleased to join the Hydrogen Council. Our membership reflects Advario’s ambition to play a front-runner role in developing the hydrogen value chain and overall hydrogen ecosystem, leveraging our expertise and capabilities in import and export structures and logistics solutions. We are deeply rooted in the belief that partnerships drive true progress, and trust that we can accelerate the energy transition together with the other members of the Hydrogen Council to realise a greener, more sustainable future.’

Welcoming Advario to the panel, Yoshinori Kanehana, co-chair of the Hydrogen Council, says: ‘The Council has seen strong growth this year with a total of 22 new members from a wide range of geographies and sectors. This highlights the rising interest in hydrogen and affirms hydrogen’s vital role to realise a cleaner and more sustainable society.’

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