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AT&V partners Acretio for early-stage projects

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US terminal construction company American Tank & Vessel (AT&V), is partnering with Acretio, a midstream infrastructure development firm.

The companies have decided to join their efforts in the origination and development of early-stage projects. This will include traditional marine and inland terminals, floating storage facilities, and renewable energy projects. The combined experience of AT&V and Acretio includes key transitional products like LNG, LPG, and ammonia, as well as other cryogenic products like hydrogen.

‘We are very excited to partner with Acretio, they have a successful track record in terminal development, construction and operation and enable AT&V to get closer to the origination of strategic projects’, said WT Cutts, the regional Vice President of AT&V.

Ralf van der Ven, managing partner of Acretio, adds: ‘Partnering with AT&V and their industry resources allows us to tap into a wealth of development, design, and construction experience, with a solid track record in our industry. Our recent collaboration in building a state-of-the-art ammonia facility will be the template for future projects.’

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