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AUMA launches smart PROFOX-X actuators

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Electric actuator manufacturer AUMA has launched the small and smart PROFOX-X actuators, setting new standards in safe and precise valve control in oil and gas applications.

‘With the new PROFOX-X series, plant operators benefit from versatile, future-proof actuators that meet all the requirements of modern plant automation,’ says AUMA product manager Christoph Edelmann.

AUMA’s small and smart PROFOX-X actuators provide safe and precise valve control in oil and gas applications

The PROFOX-X platform includes multi-turn, part-turn and linear actuators, offering automation solutions for all valve types in the lower torque and thrust ranges. Applications include high-precision transfer of flammable media, pump adjustment, and control of choke valves for oil extraction. Compact design makes PROFOX-X a perfect fit for tight spaces, for example in skid installations.

ATEX and IECEx certifications for the highest gas group IIC T4, which includes hydrogen, ensure safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. High-quality ‘made in Germany’ design and construction, wide temperature range and premium corrosion protection ensure high reliability and long service life under tough process conditions.

PROFOX-X actuators are optimised for low energy consumption and high efficiency, thus minimising their carbon footprint.

The smart actuators are equally suited to OPEN-CLOSE duty and modulating applications. Motor speed is adjustable, ensuring fast and precise positioning. Soft start and soft stop functionalities increase valve lifetime.

PROFOX-X actuators support fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet communication, making host system integration flexible and easy. The actuators’ embedded data logging is a perfect match for CORALINK, AUMA’s digital ecosystem, enabling advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

PROFOX-X actuators are simple and easy to use, saving time and resources during installation and commissioning. The FOX-EYE, a centrally placed LED, and a position indicator on the housing clearly show the actuator status at any time, even from a distance.

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