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BIOEX develops new firefighting foam concentrate

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Firefighting foam specialist firm BIOEX has launched FILMOPOL 1N, its new AR-AFFF foam concentrate to quickly extinguish fires and prevent reignition.

FILMOPOL 1N is certified to the latest EN 1568 specification (2018) suitable for use on class B hydrocarbon fuels (such as crude oil, gasoline and kerosene), polar solvents (such as alcohol, ketone and ethers) and class A fires. Its versatility reduces the need to stock multiple different foam types. It is available in the highly concentrated 1% form, which reduces the amount of storage space needed, and means that three times less foam concentrate is needed to produce the same amount of foam.

On hydrocarbon fires, FILMOPOL 1N forms a thin, aqueous film which spreads rapidly above the fuel surface to cut off the oxygen supply. On polar solvent fires, selected compounds prevent foam destruction. Its water content produces a cooling effect.

The product is easily biodegradable, formulated with latest short-chain C6 fluorosurfactants, and contains no PFOS or PFOA. It is freeze-protected, suitable for use at low temperatures, and can used in fresh-, sea-, and brackish water.

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