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Blind Zone Scanner new for Rosen’s TBIT Ultra Service

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ROSEN TBIT Ultra Blind Zone Scanning

Rosen’s has added a new Blind Zone Scanner to its TBIT Ultra Service for inspection of tank floors in aboveground storage tanks.

Up to this point, floor scanners have been unable to reach all areas of the tank floor, leaving behind ‘blind zones,’ which typically occur at corners of tank bottom plates and when obstacles such as piping or heating coils are installed. The smaller configuration of the measurement unit itself means the Blind Zone Scanner is able to reach area that would otherwise remain uninspected due to the physical limitations of conventional tank floor scanners. The Blind Zone Scanner is capable of accurately detecting and sizing even the smallest metal loss defects, enabling decision-making for the integrity management of storage tanks.

Similar to the TBIT Ultra floor scanner, the Blind Zone Scanner uses high-resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) sensors and an automated detection and sizing algorithm that significantly increases the probability of detection while reducing personnel time in confined spaces. Data from both scanners is provided in the same format and delivered in a single report, reducing the manual effort required to combine different data sets as well errors. The Blind Zone Scanner complements the tank floor scan and allows for maximum detection coverage, reducing uninspected areas by 75%.

The efficient and cost-effective Blind Zone Scanner outperforms manual UT inspection and offers automated defect detection and sizing. It stores high-resolution mapping data that provides indications and location (coordinates) of metal loss, discrimination between internal and external features and measurement of liftoff between sensors and steel plate. It also offers  data stitching, i.e. the alignment of data sets from tank floor scanner (TBIT Ultra) and Blind Zone Scanner and plus integration into data management and visualisation software (ROSOFT).

Together with the TBIT Ultra Service for tank bottom inspection, the Blind Zone Scanner delivers full-coverage inspection.

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