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Carboline celebrates 75th anniversary

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US company Carboline, which develops coatings, linings and fireproofing, is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022.

The company has various plans for employees and customers to mark the milestone, including a scheme called 75 Ways to Give Back, where employees worldwide volunteer in their community and share their experience, and a competition, 75 Red Buckets of Surprises, where customers send in their Carboline stories for a chance to receive a signature red bucket filled with Carboline-branded items.

Carboline products have been used on iconic projects like NASA’s Cape Canaveral Launch Station and Olympic stadiums, as well as countless other museums, stadiums, refineries, power plants, water tanks, and marine vessels.

Carboline has launched more than 500 products, including brands such as Bitumastic, Carboguard, Carboquick, Carbozinc, Firefilm, Phenoline, Plasite, Polyclad, Pyrocrete, Pyroclad, Reactamine, Sanitile, Thermaline, and Thermo-Lag. Carboline now has seven research facilities, 20 manufacturing facilities, and hundreds of warehouses.

‘2022 marks our 75th anniversary, an accomplishment we are tremendously proud of. For 75 years, Carboline has been solving some of the industry’s most challenging problems. We remain committed to the idea that there is always a solution. On behalf of our employees worldwide, vendor partners, and customers, we look forward to the next 75 years,’ says company president, Chris Tiernay.

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