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Cloud & web services key to German petroleum industry

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Common processes and standards are a core element of a seamless downstream supply chain in the oil and gas sector.
Key industry participants of the German petroleum industry, including refinery and tank terminal operators, gathered at the 15th IFLEXX meeting in Bochum.
Focusing on what the future holds for the sector, attendees focused on innovative process integration options that go beyond the established standards IFLEXX and PIDX, such as cloud services.
It was agreed that enhanced process integration is a key piece of digital transformation and that the IFLEXX community needed to open up and embrace cloud solutions with the goal of broadening the range of interests and provide a forum for participants to learn about and discuss the latest innovations. It was also agreed that external experts should be invited to provide additional insight on certain topics.
Implico’s Thomas Fahland said: ‘Such a forum would give industry representatives the chance to discuss their requirements for future services directly with the providers.

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