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COVID-19 Update: CST Manufacturing Plants Remain Operational

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The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been an unexpected surprise to all of us. CST has been fortunate thus far and remains committed to operating safely in this environment.  We want to advise you that CST manufacturing plants remain operational and continue to supply products and materials to the Essential Businesses and Operations for the nation’s water, wastewater, food, agriculture and other essential industries. 
The Covid-19 outbreak is becoming more widespread and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that this situation will likely continue to worsen before getting better.  CST has issued and supports the CDC’s guidance to employees regarding best practices to prevent transmission of the virus and is also asking all employees to avoid all nonessential travel and external business meetings. CST has made adjustments for employee safety but does not expect these changes to affect CST’s ability to deliver quality products and services — as CST has for over 127 years.  We will stay committed to keeping our customers informed.
Important information for you to know:
CST Industries remains vigilant and dedicated to serving our customers, vendors, and employees and will continue to do so within the parameters and guidelines set by the CDC/WHO and local governments.  To do so, CST is taking the following actions: 
1. Following state, local and national government mandates within the countries where CST operates to keep our manufacturing plants open and our people safe.
2. Communicating daily regarding how to best manage supply and demand for our customers.
3. Communicating with all suppliers to maximize availability of materials.
4. Coordinating with all CST manufacturing plants and vendors as the situation develops to ensure ample manufacturing capacity and supply chain flexibility. 
At this time, CST’s teams and supply chain partners have conveyed confidence in CST’s ability to meet the demands of our valued customers. CST is fortunate to have manufacturing capacity and capability across all regions of the world. 
The Covid-19 pandemic is very fluid, and CST is keeping a proactive posture until things stabilize globally.  Although CST cannot guarantee disruptions will not occur, we can assure you that if there is a change in our ability to supply our customers, we will communicate with those effected and try to mitigate adverse effects on their business.

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