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EchoStar Mobile designs pan-European LoRaWAN network

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EchoStar Mobile, a subsidiary of satellite communications company EchoStar Corporation, has designed and introduced the first pan-European S-Band LoRaWAN network using its own licenced spectrum.

The private network offers added protection against cyber attack and requires less CAPEX investment than some alternatives. It can be used for mobile and fixed applications, and widely distributed sites. It provides real-time situational awareness and predictive maintenance capabilities, which can help to reduce wastage and downtime. The LoRaWAN network eliminates roaming agreements in Europe, the UK and Scandinavia, while providing reliable performance and enterprise-grade service levels due to the dedicated S-band spectrum.

The dual-mode satellite and terrestrial module can connect to satellite or terrestrial networks as required. The seamless coverage and LoRaWAN network provides bi-directional, real time, connectivity for LoRA sensors across the coverage with no additional customer infrastructure required.

‘As a member of the LoRa Alliance, EchoStar Mobile provides a LoRaWAN V1.0.4 compliant network and satellite enabled LoRa module that works seamlessly with the existing LoRaWAN ecosystem, making it easy to integrate our network into existing LoRaWAN solutions and the ideal technology choice for deployments where lack of coverage and infrastructure make deploying LoRaWAN problematic,’ says the company.

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