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Emco Wheaton launches products for bulk fluid transfer industry

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Emco Wheaton has announced the launch of two new products for the transfer of bulk fluids – the EW selector and the combi-cabinet.

The products have been designed to make the process of delivering bulk liquids safer, quicker and more effective.
The selector and cabinet means that operators will no longer have to travel along the API envelope of the vehicle in order to operate the system.
Driver coach, Bobby Blaire, based out of BP’s Grangemouth Terminal, has been trialling the equipment and is satisfied with the additional safety the EW Selector offers.

He says: ‘If there is a failure you are right at the point of control and it is much safer. You can visualise and see what you are doing every step of the way – from a control perspective, it is much better.’

Both the EW selector and the combi-cabinet were designed to be retrofitted onto tankers already in the field or provided as part of a new tanker system. Both can work hand-in-hand or as part of other current systems.
The EW selector is fixed directly above each loading or discharging adaptor, allowing the operator to quickly, simply and with reduced risk of error, select the product to be delivered without the need to move away from the tanker API envelope. It includes a compartment product grade selector which is able to indicate up to 10 different fluids. The solid-state modular control valve has been designed to operate individually or modularly as part of a pneumatic control system.

With all the connections consolidated in one place, the integrated system of the combi-cabinet reduces the need for complicated pneumatics and overfill prevention system looms in separate locations, allowing ease of access and safer operation.

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