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Emco Wheaton unveils new tanker control unit

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Emco Wheaton’s upgraded Dataplus II M353 Series cabinet is set to revolutionise the process of loading and unloading road tankers.
The new metering system consolidates multiple pieces of equipment traditionally mounted around a road tanker into a single cabinet allowing for more efficient installation and operator use.
The Electronic Pump Metering System (EPMS) is designed so that operators spend less time walking around the truck completing their tasks, which saves time and minuses the opportunity for trip accidents. It also improves the aesthetics of the trucks.
Tom Cunningham, regional sales manager says: ‘We have been working closely with our tank builder partners for many years and their input was the catalyst for this new approach. They wanted a more operator friendly design that did not compromise the tanker robustness and was visually appealing for their clients.’
Designed for tankers with up to the five compartments, the M535 Series control cabinet is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of Zone 1.
The modular stainless steel construction can be configured for a range of different compartments allowing for future upgrades. A self-latching mechanism means that operators do not need to carry a key for the cabinet.

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