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Emerson tank inventory software showcased at ILTA 2021

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Emerson has a broad portfolio of automation technology solutions to support terminal operations, and at ILTA 2021 its Rosemount Tank Gauging business unit will showcase the benefits of the new Rosemount TankMaster Mobile inventory management software application for tank gauging systems.

The application, launched earlier this year, makes real-time critical tank data immediately and securely available to a wider range of stakeholders via smartphones, tablets and computers, thereby facilitating better decision-making and improved operational efficiency and safety.

Rosemount TankMaster Mobile is offered as an addition to the existing Rosemount TankMaster Inventory Management Software suite. Visitors to Emerson’s booth, #407, can learn how the application provides a clear overview of all tanks at a facility, with the ability to quickly drill down to detailed information resulting in more efficient tank monitoring. Its features include the ability to organise tanks in groups, customise which tank parameters are displayed, and quickly set a watchlist monitoring tanks of special importance. User groups can be created with different privileges to view tanks and tank parameters.

The application meets the requirements for network and system security detailed in IEC 62443-3-3. Its design is based on a three-tier architecture that constitutes separate security zones, and all the data transported is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security protocol. It also supports two-factor log-in to help ensure that only authorised users can access the system.

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