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Emerson’s new digital valve controller to offer embedded edge computing

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Emerson has announced the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller, a new design improving upon 30 years of field-proven innovation.A green electronic device with a screen

The DVC7K features Advice at the DeviceTM technology with embedded computing and analytics that convert raw data into actionable information locally with Bluetooth capability, within the device. This means maintenance personnel can receive the data via their phone, tablet or computer wirelessly without having to be in a control room at the plant location.

The new valve controller technology improves the performance, reliability and uptime of both on-off and control valves – and by extension an entire process plant or facility – in a wide variety of process industry applications, and provides the information required to create streamlined work processes.

Digital valve controllers are available as accessories for control and on-off valves to provide:

  • Local analysis of valve data
  • Digital communications with host systems
  • Improve uptime by alerting personnel to developing problems
  • Reduce maintenance costs by providing the actionable information required
  • Cut troubleshooting time in the event of an issue

The DVC7K interprets data to create an optimised path to action by combining patented technology, experience-based algorithms, and continuous real-time analytics with flexible connectivity and easy integration.

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