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Eurotank buys Specialist Lining Services

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UK-based industrial fuel services company Eurotank Service Group has bought Specialist Lining Services (SLS), a firm offering protective coatings and linings in various industries.

Eurotank says that SLS’s specialist tank linings and coatings for the chemical, petrochemical, construction and leisure industries will enable it to provide customers with all their site services and containment needs. SLS’s materials are used on above- and below ground storage tanks, and can be applied to glass reinforced plastic, polyurea hot spray coatings, epoxy and polyurethanes. They can also be used on secondary containment areas such as bunds.

Eurotank’s own services offerings include cleaning petrol, diesel, heavy fuel oils and bitumen bulk storage tanks and pipelines, tank testing, fuel quality management and specialist waste management.

‘Being a part of the Group gives SLS more scope for carrying out much larger projects and the opportunity to tender for contractual works under the backing of a well-known and successful company,’ says SLS managing director and majority shareholder Mike Kingston.

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