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Fives Selected for Renewable Energy Storage Project

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Fives has been selected by the Chinese company Zhonglv Zhongke Energy Storage Technology Co for the supply of cryogenic equipment as part of the largest renewable energy storage project on an industrial scale.

Fives cryogenic storage

The storage unit operated by Zhonglv Zhongke Energy Storage Technology Co will be installed in the region of Golmud, in the Qinghai province, in the northwest of China, and is planned to be commissioned at the end of 2024. It is the first project in the world at an industrial scale using the LAES technology (liquid air energy storage). The unit will store 60MW of solar energy which will be redistributed into the grid to power the needs of the region’s industries and homes.

This pilot is intended to be developed worldwide with Zhonglv Zhongke Energy Storage Technology Co which ambition is to become a leader in the large-scale long-term energy storage market, notably thanks to Fives’ support. The LAES technology is an efficient and sustainable option to lithium-ion batteries currently used to store alternative energies.

At the heart of the LAES technology, six heat exchangers supplied by Fives will liquify the air required to stock the solar energy produced so it can be released at a given time. These heat exchangers are produced in Fives’ workshops in Golbey, in the East of France.

‘This ambitious project is another proof of Fives’ ability to support change in the industry and the emergence of decarbonized energy sources. A technological leader in cryogenics for over 65 years, Fives designs key equipment to optimize the performance of its customers and reduce CO2.emissions,’ explains Vincent Pourailly, president of the business line energy cryogenics at Fives.

‘The energy storage market offers vast opportunities for new applications, with LAES technology seeming the most efficient solution for a more sustainable world. We are happy to work with Fives on this breakthrough project which will see the building of the largest demonstration project in the field of LAES and also the largest energy storage project on a global scale,’ declares Dr Wei JI, chief scientist at Zhonglv Zhongke Energy Storage Technology Co, Ltd.

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