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German government to approve the sale of 100% synthetic fuels

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The German government has planned to approve the sales of 100% synthetic fuels at fuel stations.

So far, the sales of synthetic fuels, such as e-fuels and renewable diesel (also known as HVO), in Germany have been largely limited to fuel blends in which these fuels have represented about 26% maximum. The sales of unblended 100% renewable diesel has previously only been allowed in specific segments, such as in non-road vehicles and public transportation.

The planned approval by the government would in the near future allow 100% renewable diesel to be sold and used unblended in all segments in Germany.

Companies such as Neste, a producer of renewable diesel, are pleased with the announcement and plan to back the German government. ‘We are very pleased that the German government plans to approve synthetic fuels, allowing 100% renewable diesel to be sold at all fuel stations…This is a significant step in the fight against climate change. It is now necessary to legally implement the decision as quickly as possible,’ says Peter Zonneveld vice president sales Europe and APAC at Neste.

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