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Gerotto expands into Australia and New Zealand

Gerotto expands into Australia and New Zealand

Italy-based tank cleaning company, Gerotto, has provided distribution rights to KOR,

Italy-based tank cleaning company, Gerotto, has provided distribution rights to KOR, an Australia and New Zealand based company that manufactures and distributes industry equipment through OEM companies, such as Cappellotto and Schwarze Industries. This partnership is part of Gerotto’s growth that is implementing to provide safer alternatives for its customers.

Can you tell us more about the new Holistic Individualised Treatment (HITs) approach Galderma are offering?

Using CCR as a launchpad, Galderma are introducing HITs to the aesthetics world, a holistic approach towards treatment for patients. Following a methodology that helps patients discover how treatments can work in conjunction to achieve individualised natural, balanced, and beautiful results. Galderma have created a simplified approach to facial aesthetic needs, based on cross-usage of products for different areas of concern. These include five different HITs including Bright Eyes, Profile, Kiss & Smile, Glow On, Shape Up. 

What will your session cover?

The Galderma symposiums will showcase two new protocols from Galderma that from part of the HITs (Holistic Individualised Treatments) that you will see Galderma roll out over the coming year. Day one will focus on SHAPE UP, treating the mid and lower face using the Restylane portfolio. Day two we will focus on KISS & SMILE, treating the lips and perioral region, again with a combination approach across the Restylane portfolio. Every treatment we perform we will use the AART methodology – Anatomy, Assessment, Range, Treatment. Both sessions will include a live demonstration.

Is this holistic approach something you think will increase in popularity in the aesthetics industry?

As a practitioner with many years of experience, I think this more universal approach is very beneficial to our patients and helps us meet our patients needs and deliver excellent, robust results. I will also be discussing this further soon in my 15 Min fix with Galderma in September. 

Are there any upcoming trends in the aesthetic world you are excited about?

Of course there are a number of advancements within aesthetics that are hugely novel and exciting. One is the use of ultrasound when treating patients to improve outcomes and reduce complications. Incorporating these concepts with cadaveric training or simulated, computerised models would be a brilliant educational tool for all practitioners and perhaps one for the future!

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