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Gpi Tanks XL wins large Maastank tank order

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Dutch tank manufacturer Gpi Tanks XL is to build nine stainless steel oil storage tanks with a total capacity of 16,700 m3 for Maastank, located on the Botlek in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Gpi will build the tanks at its Westdorpe facility from a combination of SAE 316L grade stainless steel and duplex 2205. The nine tanks will be 27.5 m tall and range in capacity from 1,620–2,150 m3. The tanks are expected to be completed in Q2 2021 and will be delivered by water to the Maastank facility. The tanks will comply with NEN-EN 14015 guidelines.

The new tanks are part of expansion plans by the Dekker Group, which owns Maastank. It recently extended the leasehold for its Botlek site by 25 years and acquired adjacent land for further development. The Dekker Group plans to double capacity from 67,900 m3 to around 140,000 m3 at the site, which stores a variety of vegetable oils, fats, specialities, oleochemicals and biofuels, as well as offering transshipment services.

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