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Hydrogenious and ESCO form UAE JV for hydrogen

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Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates launch

German cleantech company Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies has formed a joint venture with Emirates Specialized Contracting & Oilfield Services (ESCO) to deliver hydrogen infrastructure in the Middle East.

The head office of the new Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates is in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and aims to provide solutions for hydrogen storage and transport at any scale and distance. The JV will have a product portfolio including liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) based hydrogenation and dehydrogenation turnkey plants, operations and management services and LOHC logistics services. Additionally, the JV plans to develop joint benchmark projects with regional partners.

‘Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates wants to source low-cost sustainable hydrogen from on-site and establish efficient LOHC-based supply chains for and to the predestined hydrogen demand countries worldwide. Among them will be Germany as key market of course, as it fits perfectly into the H2Global set-up. But we are also thinking about energy intensive destinations such as in Japan and South Korea,’ says Dr Andreas Lehmann, who is CEO of the JV and is Head of Strategy at Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies.

Karim Attie, CEO of ESCO and now also managing partner at Hydrogenious LOHC Emirates adds: ‘Hydrogen momentum in Middle East is significantly increasing, leading to LOHC lighthouse project opportunities to form consortia for intercontinental hydrogen transportation. Hydrogenious’ proprietary and ingenious LOHC technology allows for now establishing sustainable hydrogen value chains globally and ESCO stands for thinking outside the barrel. The engagement in the joint venture with the German Hydrogenious LOHC Technology is not only proof point for this but will also be a strong driver to unleash the power of hydrogen in the Arab world.’

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