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Innovative Safeload loading arm system launched

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Fort Vale has launched its new Safeload loading arm system, the latest addition to its range of products for the petroleum transfer industry.
The Safeload loading arm is the culmination of many months of research and development and analysis of customer feedback and features a balance mechanism, which combines industry-standard features with several innovative elements that deliver increased durability and safety.
The Safeload balance mechanism is manufactured in stainless steel as opposed to traditional cast steel with a coated finish.This ensures excellent corrosion resistance and inherent strength and durability.
The base swivel assembly incorporates a 3-seal and dual needle/dual ball race bearing combination for maximum axial and radial strength and performance. The specialist PTFE primary seal is rated to 400 Bar G, so is less prone to splitting in high-pressure operating conditions. The material is highly resistant to deterioration caused by product contact and affords the operator low-friction ease of movement.
Secondary and tertiary seals protect the swivel mechanism from dirt ingress, ensuring a long-lasting and hard-working installation. The base swivel also features a ‘swivel-stop’ device to prevent radial over-rotation and collision with adjacent loading arms. The stop bar is rubber-coated to ensure that there is no risk of spark generation.
Balance adjustment is controlled by gas struts. A limiter-bolt is incorporated as a failsafe to protect the loading arm and coupler from damage in the unlikely event of gas strut de-pressurisation.
As a superior safety feature, all the loading arm swivels contain an integral earth system, unique to the Safeload design, which ensures electrical continuity and eliminates the necessity for separate earth wiring.
The intermediate swivel and the coupler swivel are both of aluminium construction. A variety of spools and drop hoses will be offered and the coupler swivel has the option of a ball-end or D-style handle.
The balance mechanism can easily be configured to suit a top or bottom fuel supply as well as left or right orientation. All swivel/pipework flanges have industry standard drilling patterns to be compatible with existing terminal installations.

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