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Intertek Caleb Brett buys Apras Sicea France

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Total quality assurance provider Intertek Caleb Brett has bought the two sites of Apras Sicea France (ASF), a specialist in the inspection and testing of petroleum, petrochemical and related products, in Port la Nouvelle and Port de Bouc, France.

Intertek, which offers qualitative and quantitative analytical assessment services to the oil and gas, chemical, and other commodities markets, says that the acquisition will strengthen its service offering, specifically in the analysis and inspection of petroleum and petrochemical products.

Yannick Garcia, general manager of Intertek Caleb Brett France, says that buying ASF’s sites will ‘accelerate the deployment of our growth strategy in the sustainable development sector and in particular bio-fuels in France, while strengthening our geographic network with the addition of a laboratory in Port La Nouvelle. Our complementary technical expertise will produce immediate synergies and ensure continuity of services that meet the expectations of our respective customers. This alliance strengthens our inspection and laboratory teams with experienced staff and greater analytical capacity, to provide unmatched client service, which is critical for our customers.’

‘We are delighted to be selling both sites to the Intertek family.Our customers will benefit from an extended network in France and the international recognition of the Intertek brand and its Caleb Brett business line, while continuing to provide them with personalized and local support,’ says Jean-Luc Deschamps, president of ASF.

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