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Mascoat introduces two thermal primers

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US coatings firm Mascoat has introduced two new primers for use under its thermal insulating coatings.

Mascoat has been making insulating coatings since 1995, but will now be able to offer a single source for its coatings systems, to protect equipment from corrosion for 20 or more years. The company says that the full system solution will also provide energy retention, radiant heat gain protection, and a personnel shield from burns.

Mascoat 250P Epoxy is a high solids epoxy mastic primer for corrosion protection over marginally prepared substrates at temperatures up to 121˚C. It is a two-part coating which can be used under Mascoat insulating coatings as well as top-coated with epoxies, polyurethanes, and polysiloxanes. It is suitable for structural steel surfaces, including steel tanks, barges, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, railcars, and pulp and paper mills.

Mascoat 400DFP is a dry fall modified copolymer primer suitable for heated substrates at temperatures up to 200˚C. After application, this single pack technology will dry to a powder at distances up to 6 m. This means it can be safely used in areas where overspray damage to nearby equipment would be a concern. It does not require a heat cure. The primer has been specifically developed for heavy industrial equipment.

‘Our water-based insulating coatings require a primer when applied to ferrous substrates, and these primers allow us to fully service a client’s needs for an application. Customers will have a single source for materials needed for an insulating coatings application. Whether they are trying to save energy costs, protect workers from burns on hot substrates, or reduce solar loading, they can be confident that their assets will be fully protected for years to come with Mascoat’s line of performance primers and insulating coatings,’ says said Robert Browning, vice president of sales for Mascoat.

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