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McNetiq launches new magnetic fall protection system

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McNetiq, a Dutch-based firm which has patented magnetic steel anchor technology, has launched a new fall restraint product, with magnetic anchors for fall protection when working at height.

The McNetiq Fall Restraint is designed for workplaces constructed of steel without edge protection. The company says the product helps to meet the growing demand for certified anchoring options in industry. The main benefit of the patented magnetic Controlock technology is that the temporary anchor points for the fall restraint do not have to be welded. It is the first magnetic fall protection system.

Personal fall protection must be used if there is potential for a fall of 2 m or more. With the McNetiq Fall Restraint, the operator is connected to the magnetic anchor with a measured working line, preventing them from going past the unsecured edge. The breakout point and shear force of the magnetic anchor can be determined in advance, which McNetiq says allows for complete certainty about the load-bearing capacity of the magnet, which is necessary for safe operation. The product complies with all safety and certification requirements.

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